DiskProtection History

     N: New features
     C: Changed
     B: Bugfix

   * Release 1.0, 25.06.95
     (DiskProtection V1.0, diskprot.device V1.0)
     first public release

   * Release 1.0c, 02.08.95
     (DiskProtection V1.1, diskprot.device V1.2)
     B: conversion works with more devices, e.g. A2091 (reading drive
     geometry was buggy)

   * Release 1.0d, 03.08.95
     (DiskProtection V1.2, diskprot.device V1.3)
     B: TD_GETGEOMETRY is only used with trackdisk.device and
     carddisk.device => conversion works with all controllers that
     crash on unknown commands, too.
     B: Programs opening unit 0 could crash (e.g. SysInfo with the SCSI
     option), because unit 0 is only an internal unit. Fixed.
     N: patch to enable FFS to recognize different disk sizes
     N: Automatically created DPUnit names are unique now.

   * Release 1.0e, 08.08.95
     (DiskProtection V1.3, diskprot.device V1.3)
     B: TD_ADDCHANGEINT locked diskprot.device's IO with
     trackdisk.device => AFS didn't work. Fixed.
     N: DiskProtection offers a quick format instead of conversion, too

   * Release 1.0f, 09.08.95
     (DiskProtection V1.4, diskprot.device V1.4)
     N: Only one DiskProtection prefs program may run at the same time.
     B: A msg port was not deleted.
     C: rewrote dosdriver inhibiting: some potential bugs removed
     C: minor code cleanup

   * Release 1.0g, 21.08.95
     (DiskProtection V1.5, diskprot.device V1.5)
     C: Diskblock encryption: From now on the first longword of every
     block is xor-ed with the block offset before encryption to make
     the ciphertext of blocks with the same contents different. This is
     slightly faster (up to 4%) than the old method of prepending the
     offset. That is still suported, so disks and partitions with older
     versions of DiskProtection can be used without changes. However,
     to use the faster method you have to decrypt the old DPUnit,
     delete it and create a new DPUnit.
     B: Resident passwords didn't work with OS2.04. Fixed.
     B: Changing a password's text was buggy and could sometimes lead
     to unpredictable results. Fixed.
     B: Some texts inadvertedly contained characters that caused Triton
     to crash. Fixed.
     N: With WB < 3.0 the reqtools screenmode requester is supported.
     C: Conversion window shows new password names instead of the old
     C: DiskProtection requesters are no longer opened on the access
     verification screen.
     C: Added light/dark squares on both sides of the dimmer slider to
     make clear that "100%" means full brightness.
     C: Renamed the "DiskProtection Access Protection" to
     "DiskProtection Access Verification" on popular demand. (Better
     that way, Jussi?) :-)

   * Release 1.0h, 21.09.95
     (DiskProtection V1.6, diskprot.device V1.6)
     B: At startup sometimes the access verification was
     unintentionally activated. Fixed.
     B: The screenblanker didn't blank the mousepointer on screens with
     less than 256 colors. Fixed.
     C: If the screen blanker is already activated when the access
     verification automatically pops up it this screen will be dark,

   * Release 1.0i, 23.10.95
     (DiskProtection V1.6, diskprot.device V1.7)
     C: DPUnit conversion uses TD_PROTSTATUS only with trackdisk.device.

   * Release 1.0j, 02.11.95
     (DiskProtection V1.7, diskprot.device V1.7)
     N: More messages in the debugging version.
     B: Sometimes partitions were locked unnescessarily.
     C: Changed default button in one error requester you should never
     see anyway ;-)

   * Release 1.1, 16.11.95
     (DiskProtection V1.8, diskprot.device V1.8)
     C: Finally works with oktagon.device, too! The problem was that
     the task, that communicates with oktagon.device, has to be the one
     that opened the device.  DiskProtection however implemented
     opening and communication in different tasks...
     N: The user can make conversion take place even if locking a
     filesystem fails.

   * Release 1.1a, 14.01.96
     (DiskProtection V1.8, diskprot.device V1.9)
     N: a fast and unsafe encryption algorithm: SCRM (Scramble)
     B: diskprot.device has to be in DEVS: in order to be able to mount
     DosDrivers in the startup-sequence. Fixed in the installer script.

   * Release 1.1b, 16.1.96
     (DiskProtection V1.9, diskprot.device V1.9, DPInit V0.1)
     N: DPInit
     N: ExampleXPK: example XPK sublibrary compatible with
     B: Sorting order in XPK sublibrary requester is no longer
     reversed. Why did nobody complain earlier? :-)

   * Release 1.1c, 19.1.96
     (DiskProtection V1.9, diskprot.device V1.10, DPInit V0.1)
     B: SCRM was buggy and unuseable. I learned one thing: Never ever
     hurry up with programming at the end of an amiga meeting! ;-)
     B: Forgot to include DPInit in the archive.

   * Release 1.1d, 25.05.96
     (DiskProtection V1.10, diskprot.device V1.11, DPInit V0.1)
     B: DiskProtection crashed when the locale.library became available
     only after diskprot.device was opened.
     B: DiskProtection takes care of [Max|Min]PkInChunk now.
     B: "Hide in File" did not find the password in short files and
     didn't close the file.
     C: rewrote xpkSCRM in optimized assembler
     N: Registration Requester

   * Release 1.2, 27.05.96
     (DiskProtection V1.10, diskprot.device V1.11, DPInit V1.0)
     C: bumped revisions
     C: changed DPInit icon