Patrick's Projects


As professional software developer I appreciate the availability of open source software, especially if the license permits modifications and distributing these modifications. I try to use free software whenever I can and if time permits and there is a need, I help improving the software.

Currently I work on addressing the lack of reliable data synchronization between the mail client and PIM suite Evolution and my various mobile devices by developing the SyncEvolution SyncML client.

Some more examples are:

uaescsi.device - a SCSI device for the Unix Amiga Emulator
enhanced grouping and man output
new options to run fcron as a scheduler for mail delivery, automatic download, etc. each time I go online
mkisofs 2.0
incremental backup that allows true snapshots (--root, --old-root)


Much of my initial work was for the Amiga line of computers. DiskProtection is a block-oriented data encryption package. MakeCD is a very popular CD writing software, still in use and maintained today, but not actively developed anymore.


From my time at the University of Karlsruhe and later Edinburgh one can find a report about PSPVM2 - PVM for ParaStation and everything about extended lightfields, my master's thesis.