Welcome to estamos.de, our place on the web!

Here you can find the results of Patrick Ohly's private projects, in particular SyncEvolution, a tool to synchronize contacts, calendars, tasks and notes with SyncML servers and mobile devices. For those interested in following my work on SyncEvolution and other open source projects the SyncEvolution blog might be useful.

For some more entertaining stuff, our cycling trips are summarized on Marion Thyen's cycling page. Still under construction, just like the cathedral in Cologne...

If you run into a guy looking like the one in this photo, chances are that it is Patrick... there is no home page anymore, so if you want to know more about me, just get in touch.

Patrick Ohly
Pützstr. 5
53129 Bonn
head shot of Patrick Ohly
Phone: +49/228/2493652
eMail: patrick.ohly@gmx.de